Thursday, March 17, 2011

How it happened, according to Jenn

Like I said before, Jeff proposed to be on Feb 4, 2011. I wrote an email to a friend a few days later and this is what I told her:

Jeff and I are finally engaged! I have to admit, I was getting a little anxious, but wasn't quite expecting it because of the whole house buying situation. Last summer, we put a few offers out there and lost them all to cash investors and were pretty worn out with the process so decided to take a break. Since we knew we weren't going to buy a house for a little while, I was secretly hoping he'd propose sometime during the holidays. Then a few weeks ago, a home that we had seen last summer dropped their price from 315K to 250K and we immediately jumped on it. It turns out, the family HAD to move for job relocation reasons but, as is the case with all the homes out there, they owe more than they could sell it for. We put an offer out, the family accepted, but now we're just waiting for the bank to approve the price. (It's called a forced short sale since the home isn't in distress, just bad circumstances.) When we put the offer out, I called my mom and my brother letting them know that I was excited that we put an offer out, but was kind of bummed because that means that getting engaged would get pushed until at least next year. So when Jeff proposed, I was totally shocked because I had really already put it out of my mind.

So how it happened, we went out to dinner Friday night (at the Olive Garden, my fault, I guess he had somewhere else in mind, but I complained that all I REALLY wanted was soup, salad, and bread sticks!) and afterwards, stopped at this place called BevMo, which is like the walmart of liquor. I've been on a champagne kick lately (because I truly feel that it shouldn't be saved for a special occasion, that every day is a reason to celebrate, so why not?!) and picked out a few bottles just to have around. Jeff decided we needed to buy some cold ones and really, I didn't need any convincing to enjoy some bubbly on a regular Friday night, but what tipped me off was he wanted to buy some fancy schmancy champagne flutes too. (I should point out here that when you're not engaged and you really want to be, everything makes you think "tonight could be the night!" This is not the first time I had thought we might get engaged, but it most definitely will be one the few times I will admit to.) I usually just pour it into a wine glass because that's what we have, but he said if I was going to be drinking champagne regularly, we may as well do it right. We picked some out that had the perfect "ting," went home, popped open the bottle and just chilled on the couch. We were just catching up on day to day stuff when Jeff pointed out that he liked my necklace and had never seen it before. I told him that I was inspired by another friend who always wears really nice jewelry and was trying to remember to wear jewelry for every day in Feb so I could rediscover my own collection. He asked, "Oh, then where's that pearl ring that I bought you a while ago? Why aren't you wearing that?" I had taken it off so I could wash the champagne glasses and knew that it was on the counter, but he said that it wasn't there, and am I sure I didn't leave it in the bathroom at the restaurant? I got up to look, and lo and behold, it wasn't there. I panicked and looked in the bathroom and the bedroom and kind of freaked out because it would not be the first time I had lost this ring. When I walked out of the bedroom ready to admit defeat, Jeff was down on one knee, box in hand and said, it's okay, you can have this one instead! I was so shocked and may have told him to put it away and that I really wanted my other ring instead, but after he asked if I'd marry him, of course I said yes :)

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